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      1.1冲突金属是由该地区的军事团体非法采矿或从该地区走私而得,因此造成了严重的人权、环境等问题。Conflict metal is illegal mining or smuggling by military groups from mines in coflict area, and thus causing serious human rights, environmental issues, etc。


XDC company promised not to use the "conflict metal" in order to protect human rights, environment and other areas of social responsibility。


      本规定适用于公司所有金属供应商(包括原有供应商和将来可能成为XDC的供应商)。This policy applies to all metal suppliers of the company(including existing suppliers and potential suppliers of XDC)。


      非冲突金属指的是来自刚果民族共和国(金)东部地区和周边国家的金、钽、钨、锡等金属。 Conflict-free metal refers to Gold, Tantalum,Tungsten,Tin and other metals from the eastern region of the Congo National Republic and neighboring countries。

4.0无冲突金属政策 Conflict-free metals policy

      欣天公司禁止使用冲突金属,并要求供应商遵守电子行业公民联盟行为守则,只从对环境和社会责任的供应商采购材料,全体供应商不能采购和使用冲突金属。XDC bans to use conflict metals and requests our suppliers to comply with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Code of Conduct and to only source materials from environmentally and socially responsible suppliers and require all vendors purchase and use conflict-free metals。

5.0控制程序 Control program

      5.1对于公司的现有供应商,公司会在每年不固定的时间对其进行检查,供应方须回复相关文件或填写非冲突金属调查表,供应方不得用任何的理由拒绝公司进行的检查。For existing suppliers, XDC will do audit on not fixed time each year, suppliers must reply documents or fill conflict-free mental questionnaire, suppliers shall not with any reason to refuse the company’s auditing。


For potential suppliers, XDC should investigate the source of precious metal at first, If conditions permit, need to find out all origin places of precious mental。

6.0对违规供应商的处理 Deal with suppliers who go against file

      6.1出现违反EICC条款的供应商,公司一律停止一切业务,如需要以后继续有业务活动,需重头开始审核。If supplier goes against the terms of EICC, XDC will stop all business with the supplier, if need to continue to have business activities later, we must audit the supplier again。

      6.2公司在对现有供应商的检查过程中,发现有任何的问题和疑问,可以让供方进行充分的解释,必要时可让第三方介入,在未解决或给出合理解释之前,所有业务都必须停止。If XDC find any question for existing suppliers during auditing, suppliers can be allowed to fully explain, if it’s necessary can allow the thrid party intervention, before the solution or a resonable explaination is given, all business must be stopped。